After Earth

Before we begin, *Stands up, salutes Will Smith, sits down.*

We are a lucky few to have extremely talented actors like Will Smith amongst us. And his son, Jaden, is pretty good himself. Karate Kid, and even After Earth was pretty decent acting job. Anyway, moving on.

After Earth is about a son searching for approval from his father. The story is set in the future when Earth becomes a “Class I quarantine planet” and “everything has evolved to kill humans”. So, as you see, I expected a great deal of ‘killing machines’ but, the movie turned out pretty different. Instead of focusing on the technology or maybe the uninhabitable Earth, the focus of the movie was the relation between a Father and his Son.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still worth like one watch if you are free but, the trailers were misleading. However, the acting and a decent job of directing, makes sure you don’t feel too bad.

Well, I reckon you can watch this if you want to pass time and chill.

Rating: 6/10


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