It isn’t as bad as people say it is!

Not all of us are interested in stripping down the film piece by piece and admire the acting, the story, the graphic separately and rate them. Most of us watch a movie to enjoy and lose some stress not to develop philosophy or doubt reality. Keeping this in mind, this movie is fine!

The CGI was really nice and the concept kinda realistic not even far fetched. The acting maybe not be amazing, the story may be a little bland but all in all the movie is pretty enjoyable.

No, there is nothing extraordinary or worth remembering but not every movie has to be a revolver or needs to have hugely popular comic character to be entertaining. This movie is entertaining and sensible. Frankly, I didn’t feel it to be a drag at any point.

Maybe, just maybe someday you want to just cool out watching a movie, then this is fine.

Rating: 5.5/10


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