Good Idea but a Really Bad Effort

I was pretty excited about this and it started off well. However, soon there were loose ends which grew so much that it took the fun out of it.
It doesn’t take a genius to tell that this series doesn’t have a good script. Yes, there is a good past, a decent present and a hopeful future but nothing ties them together. Some scenes are so obvious that it makes me angry.

It looks to me that Stephen Amell didn’t really understand his role which is again a turnoff. His acting is bland. He doesn’t really exude a personality one would expect out of the “Arrow” in the script.

It has a similarity to batman with billionaire in disguise and all. But, Batman was really nice, this is not. The playboy setups up camp in his father’s abandoned factory. The masked vigilante appears as soon as he gets back and no one doubts him. Not even his mother. Like I said a lot of loop holes.

I stopped watching after the fifth episode so, if they have improved which I am pretty sure that they haven’t, then I wouldn’t know.

Rating 3/10


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